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so stupid and lazy.                4.13.07
face to face - daft punk

Blaah, well I've run out of things to add to the site. Maybe I'll add a few more links to the side or something. There's not as many people with self run blogs as there used to be. XD; It also doesn't help that my friends that used to blog don't anymore. ;___;! *alone*

I want to play a new MMORPG, Caline wants us to get into Ragnarok Online again. God that game is a drug. Whenever we quit, even after years we always end up going back to that damn game. That reminds me, I haven't even beaten Obscure yet~ I stopped playing after I reached this one room where freaky music started playing. Haha, I'm such a chicken. I'll get back to it though... someday.

I didn't work out this morning. >__< damn me! I'm gonna force myself to go tomorrow morning. I have to get back into a routine. I'm so stupid and lazy... Not to mention itchy. I was attacked by bugs while in Florida, and a bunch of them came back to Chicago with me. I've been spending the entire week scratching at my arms like crazy, and I washed my sheets days ago! The bites are everywhere. Maybe I have a second case of Chicken Pox or something.

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first entry~!                            4.12.07
it takes two (octopussy remix feat. lisa) - chemistry

Kay... so I have my own blog again. If I'm going to be serious about it this time I'm going to have to force myself to be consisent. XD

I realized that using blog generators and stuff like Xanga and Livejournal made me forget so much about running my own site. Owning a site's always been much more liberating anyways. Since not everyone can code and design. Bwaha! Take that n00bs! I also miss the old fashioned e-mail&link exchange thing. It's much more personal, and makes things much easier when you want regular readers. (And new friends. :P)

Anyway, I'll go back to adding more stuffs to the site. ^__^ I have loads of free time this week (aside from going to the gym) so the blog should be loaded by the end of the week. XDD

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